"TCaST" is Inorganic powder material for Binder Jetting 3D printing systems.

* TCaST is a registered trademark of Taiheiyo Cement Corporation in Japan.

What is TCaST ?

Inorganic powder material for 3D printing systems.

TCaST is an inorganic powder material for binder jetting 3D printers.
Casting molds and cores can be directly 3D printed using TCaST, which provides ever faster metal casting processes.
The combined technology of TCaST and 3D printers will find wide applications, including molds for high-temperature molten metals and various special molds with complicated shapes that have been impossible with conventional casting patterns.

Advantages of 3D printing

High modeling flexibility

Electronically stored data

No wood patterns required

Ease of modification

Binder jetting 3D printing system

3D printing with TCaST

  1. TCaST is spread, leveled, and hardened only where required.
  2. Loose powder is removed.
  3. The hardened object remains.
  4. Completed.

Examples of castings

TCaST can be applied to a wide variety of castings, ranging from industrial products to traditional crafts.

Suitable for high precision requirements

Accurate reproduction of the design

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