Wat Is TCaST?


Usage of TCaST

Is it possible to recycle and reuse TCaST after used as molds?
No, TCaST cannot be recycled or reused once used as molds.
Is it possible to reuse loose powder of TCaST remaining after the 3D printing process?
Yes, loose powder can be recovered and reused.
How do we store TCaST?
Avoid heat and humidity. Store at room temperatures. After opening, spend within one to two weeks.

Modeling of TCaST

What is the print speed?
For example, the print speed is about 10 mm per hour for a build area of 381 x 254 mm, though it depends on the shape.
Is it possible to change the layer thickness?
No, the layer thickness is fixed.

Casting with TCaST molds

Can we use existing plans?
Yes, you can use existing designs.
Is mold coating necessary for TCaST molds?
Mold coating may be required depending on the type of metal to be cast.

TCaST 3D Printing Service

What file formats are supported for 3D data?
The supported file formats are STL, VRML, PLY, 3DS, FBX and ZPR. Contact us for other formats.
Is a unit price list available?
No, quotes will be individually prepared upon request.

Introducing TCaST

What is the price of TCaST?
Contact us for the price of TCaST.
Is it necessary to modify an existing 3D printer for the use of TCaST?
There is no need to modify your 3D printer.